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Enterprise Customer Data Platform for Customer-Centric Brands | Amperity

The enterprise customer data platform (CDP) built for customer-centric brands, turning siloed customer data into game-changing customer experiences.

Amperity's, mission is to help ,companies, use data to serve their ,customers,. ,Amperity's enterprise Customer Data Platform, has revolutionized the way ,brands, ...,A ,customer data platform, (CDP) is software that combines data from multiple tools to create a database of your ,customers,. That database can then be ...,Don't be fooled: Most CDPs are not ,enterprise,-ready · Our ,enterprise,-level CDP will set your ,brand, apart · Trusted ,customer, profiles · ,Data, that improves ,customer, ...,We know ,enterprise, B2C use cases, and we have enriched the ,platform, over time with ,customer, feedback to provide best of breed ,analytics,, segmentation, ...,Sep 20, 2021 — ,Products classified in the overall ,Customer Data Platform, (CDP) category are similar in many regards and help ,companies, of all sizes solve ...,“,Customer Data Platforms, are packaged software that helps ,companies, solve a ... Marketing, ,business, intelligence, ,customer service, and beyond all depend on ...

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