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ATPCO’s Routehappy Content communicates targeted information, messaging and visual content about airline fares, products, and services.

Sep 14, 2021 — ,Air France KLM have expanded their retailing partnership with ATPCO, integrating ,Routehappy Content, across further shopping channels through ...,ATPCO,, a data company for airline industry pricing and shopping data, has acquired ,Routehappy,, a rich ,content, provider for flight shopping.,Aug 12, 2021 — ,Dubai, UAE, 12 August, 2021: Emirates has partnered with ,ATPCO, to enhance and enrich the airline's new distribution ,content, (NDC) offers ...,Oct 14, 2021 — ,Etihad Airways today announced the carrier has signed a long-term retailing agreement with ,ATPCO, to create and distribute UPAs.,Aug 12, 2021 — ,Emirates has integrated ,Routehappy content, into its direct connect New Distribution Capability API platform, ATPCO announced.,Mar 5, 2021 — ,ATPCO, the flight shopping solutions provider, has unveiled a new feature for its ,Routehappy Content, that displays current COVID-19 testing ...,Routehappy, was acquired by ,ATPCO, on Feb 1, 2018 . Transaction Name. ,Routehappy, ...,Last Funding Type: ,Series B,Company Type: ,For Profit,Oct 23, 2019 — ,Routehappy, Rich ,Content, includes: Amenities: common flight product attributes such as legroom and Wi-Fi; UTAs (Universal Ticket Attributes): ...,Jul 8, 2020 — ,ATPCO's, purchase of New York-based ,Routehappy,, which provides interactive, real-time data and ,content, that promote airline merchandising, served ...,Nov 5, 2019 — ,Routehappy,, ,ATPCO, and many others in the airline distribution ecosystem have been pushing for years to drive sales beyond just price and ...

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