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Prior to ,sharing, human ,research, participant data, authors should consult with an ethics ... including information on how to properly de-,identify, these data, ...,May 13, 2019 — ,This citability enables ,researchers, to ,get, credit for their data sets and to list them on job, tenure and promotion applications.,Apr 14, 2020 — ,The people who ,share, their lives with ,researchers, seldom ,see, the results of their efforts. As a researcher interested in the impact of ...,Research Sharing, and Open Access. ,Sharing, and Promotion Guidance. At ACS Publications, we know it is important for you to be able to ,share, your peer ...,openICPSR is a ,research, data-,sharing, service for social and behavioral sciences. It allows the public to access ,research, data at no charge.,Find, out how and why you should ,share, the versions of your article as it moves through the ... Back to ,Research, impact · ,Sharing, your work infographic.,You won't ,get, credit if other ,researchers, can't ,find, and cite you. ... Meet your funder or institutional requirements for ,sharing research, data.,store,,share,,discover. ,research,. ,get, more citations for all of the outputs of your academic ,research, over 30,000 citations of figshare content to date.,The ,SHARE Research, Data Center (FDZ-,SHARE,) complies with the Criteria of the ... You may, however, ,find, information on the ,study, elsewhere on the internet ...,If using third-party collaboration tools, make sure you do so safely, ,see Sharing, sensitive data. Publication. All articles published by members of Imperial ...

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