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Dimensions | The Next Evolution in Linked Scholarly Information

The Next Evolution in Linked Scholarly Information

by E Orduna-Malea, · ,2018, · ,Cited by 49 — ,Dimensions, (,new, bibliographic database produced by Digital Science ... ,information, science' journals according to Google ,scholar, metrics, ...,by DW Hook, · ,2018, · ,Cited by 94 — ,The ,Dimensions, database is a ,scholarly, database that goes beyond research articles and their citations by including not only books, chapters, ...,Missing:, ,Evolution, ‎| Must include: ,Evolution,Feb 11, 2019 — ,Assessments of ,Dimensions, · discover the latest publications, awarded grant funding, clinical trials, and patents · identify ,new sources, of ...,by B Šlibar, · ,2021, · ,Cited by 1 — ,Hence, exploring its quality is a crucial ,next, step for OD usage, ... quality of ,linked, open data (LOD), each based on various ,dimensions,.,by G Siudem, · ,2020, · ,Cited by 7 — ,Research ,Article,. Three ,dimensions, of scientific impact ... assumptions: 1) In each time step one ,new, paper is added into the simulation.,by P Aspers, · ,2019, · ,Cited by 452 — ,Social Problems 14 (3): 239–247. ,Article, Google ,Scholar,. Becker, Howard S. 1970. Sociological work. Method and substance. ,New, Brunswick: ...,Aug 14, 2018 — ,... helped to ,evolve, the way that scholars work and ,scholarly information, flows. ,Dimensions,: re-imagining discovery and access to research.,by N Khan, · ,Cited by 554 — ,In the digital and computing world, ,information, is generated and collected ... Big Data; (c) the development of a ,new, data life cycle with Big Data aspects; ...,by A Zeng, · ,2017, · ,Cited by 214 — ,Skip to main content Skip to ,article, ... ,Next article, in issue ... In addition, the ,evolution, of physics over the past century has been ...,28:24,Are you interested in using ,Dimensions,' rich, interlinked data on ... subject areas to make ,new, discoveries ...,Mar 4, 2019 · ,Uploaded by Dimensions,Missing:, ,Evolution, ‎,Scholarly

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