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From A to Z, the ,Encyclopedia, of Me is the ultimate reference about you. With more than 300 inspired prompts, this journal will have you capturing your ,life, ...,Aug 11, 2011 — ,The ,Encyclopedia of Life, is a global effort to document all 1.9 million named species of animals, plants and other forms of life on Earth and ...,EOL, is an international collaboration led by the Smithsonian that works to raise awareness and understanding of living nature. Citizen Scientists can ...,Feb 26, 2008 — ,Scientists are writing the Book of All Species on the Web, in the hopes it will be useful to scientists and nonscientists alike.,May 30, 2001 — ,eLS (formerly known as the ,Encyclopedia of Life, Sciences) is a monthly-updating reference work containing over 5,000 specially commissioned, ...,EOL, (,eol,.org) gathers and curates information on all of the 2 million species known to science.... 1000 Constitution Ave NW, Washington D.C., DC 20004., ,Rating: 4.7, · ‎,72 votes,May 13, 2007 — ,Formally announced during the week with funding of $12.5 million, ,Encyclopedia of Life, aims to be an online reference source and database ...,by CS Parr, · ,2014, · ,Cited by 152 — ,EOL, aggregates these data and automatically integrates them based on associated scientific names and other classification information. ,EOL, also ...

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