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All the latest news, updates, and rumors on the possible revitalization of the Seattle Supersonics

Sonics, fans hopeful after NBA owner mentions ,Seattle, and ,new, franchise in same sentence. By AJ Janavel. Published April 14, 2021. ,Updated, April 15, 2021.,After failing to find public funding to construct a ,new, arena in the ,Seattle, area, the ,SuperSonics, moved to Oklahoma City before the 2008–09 season, ...,What's ,new, on Check ,updates, and related ,news, right now. ... Russell Wilson picks side in ,Seattle, arena plans to bring ,Sonics, back.,The official website of the investment group working to build the SoDo Arena and bring the ,Sonics, and NHL back to ,Seattle,.,Jun 6, 2021 — ,It has been 13 years since the ,Seattle Sonics, relocated to Oklahoma City. After they arrived in Oklahoma City, Clay Bennett decided to ...,3 answers,Long story short, the team's owner sold the team to an investor group based in Oklahoma City, under the pretense the ,new, ownership group would keep the team ...,May 19, 2020 — ,The still unnamed NHL ,Seattle, team is set to begin play in 2021. They'll do so in a sterling ,new, venue that will take the place of the old Key ...,Jul 21, 2021 — ,Former NBA All-Stars Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton, who led the ,Seattle Supersonics, to the 1996 NBA Finals, were on hand to help announce the ...

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