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The Atavist Magazine publishes one incredible true story every month. We specialize in longform narratives, the kind you want to read to the very last word.

Laura Todd Carns is here to talk about her latest feature for ,The Atavist Magazine,. It's called “Searching for Mr. X: For eight years, a man without a ...,Jun 14, 2021 — ,We decided to use the occasion to give the ,magazine, a fresh look: new ,homepage, design, new fonts, new logo — the works. We were aiming for ...,Jun 14, 2021 — ,For 10 years, ,The Atavist Magazine, has been a pioneer in digital storytelling, publishing one incredible true story every month.,Extraordinary stories of crime, passion, and adventure from ,The Atavist magazine,, the trailblazing leader in longform narrative writing.,Atavist Magazine, Podcast ... After the death of her husband, Janet Milliken moved her two children from California to Pennsylvania to start over. Their new house, ...,Oct 21, 2021 — ,The Atavist Magazine, accepts pitches for longform, character-driven, narrative nonfiction stories. “Narrative nonfiction” means different ...,The Atavist Magazine,, known for its in-depth journalism and creative, elegant design, joins sister site Longreads, making a ,home, ...,Jun 16, 2021 · ,Uploaded by Automattic,The Atavist Magazine,. Online Journalism Awards. 2016 The Al Neuharth Innovation in Investigative Journalism Award, Small Newsroom finalist ...,Since its inception, ,The Atavist Magazine, has been a pioneer of today's longform journalism renaissance. Now, Love and Ruin brings ten of the magazine's most ...,Jul 5, 2020 — ,The Atavist Magazine, publishes one longform, deeply reported nonfiction ... For logo and ,website,, ,The Atavist Magazine, use Atlas Typewriter.

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