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Apr 20, 2021 — ,While you can't purchase short ,domains, through ,Bitly,, there are many ,domain, providers to choose from. Remember that any link ,domain, you...,Sep 7, 2021 — ,Bitly, uses HTTPS for all links by default, and you can access additional HTTPS and SSL settings for your ,custom domains, in your custom ...,Apr 20, 2021 — ,All ,domains, verified in your account receive an SSL certificate from ,Bitly,. If you remove your ,domain, from your account, even if the DNS ...,Apr 20, 2021 — ,You can use subdomains and even sub-subdomains as your ,custom, link ,domain, in ,Bitly,. Keep these things in mind as you choose and set up a ,custom, ...,Apr 20, 2021 — ,NOTE: You must set up mobile apps in ,Bitly, Enterprise with Apple App IDs and/or Android SHA-256 Keys before you're able to associate the app ...,(with ,Bitly,) 1 Easily share shortened links to twitter or facebook. 2 A ,custom domain, name can be used to replace "" when creating short links.,1 answer, , · , ,2 votes: ,There are only 2 ways to do this:

1. Share your username and password with them.
2. Use a Bitly ...,1. Use something like Google ,Domains, to find a short ,domain,. · 2. Create a ,Bitly, account. · 3. In ,Bitly,: Select your username in the top-right corner of the ...,Feb 8, 2010 — ,The basic Pro service, which is in the free beta stage for now, allows you to set up a short ,domain, and then point that ,domain, to the Bit ...,Jul 27, 2014 — ,The most popular of the URL shorteners is ,Bitly,, so this post will be about setting up a ,custom, short ,domain, with ,Bitly,.,Alternative ,domains, — ,.ly is the country code top-level ,domain, (ccTLD) for Libya. In 2011, the address was set to redirect to ,bitly,.com.

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