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World leader in eye tracking for 20 years. We provide technologies and solutions that contribute to a better world. How can our products change your world?

Dec 10, 2020 — ,Read our customer service ,technology, predictions to learn how ... it easier for companies to ,provide, effective solutions to their customers.,Jul 28, 2021 — ,The retailer also announced a commercialization partnership with Adobe, ,giving, thousands of businesses access to the same ,technologies, and ...,At Solutions ,Providing, & Logistic ,Technologies, Corporation (SPL ,TECH, CORP), our proven experts have mastered top-notch planning, execution, and maintenance ...,This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes Snow Software, a Swedish company ,delivering technology, intelligence solutions that cover the cloud, software, hardware, ...,Topics Covered: ,Cloud management, Hybrid c...,Regions Covered: ,Sweden,Jan 18, 2017 — ,This TEITAC Report ,provided, a set of recommended updates to the existing 508 Standards and 255 Guidelines, which, the committee noted, were ...,Hardware and software tools (known as adaptive or assistive ,technologies,) have been developed to ,provide, functional alternatives to these standard operations.,Nov 11, 2021 — ,Puls ,Technologies, lands $15M to ,provide, on-demand home repair service ... to enhancing the experience of technicians, ,providing, them with a ...,These portals ,offer, an alternative to email, which is a generally insecure means to communicate about private medical information. A portal ,provides, a more ...

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