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ATLARGE - A Collective of changemakers focused on delivering extraordinary experiences.

ATLARGE is an award-winning, boutique communications firm for brands that want to be seen, be heard and be known.

As an urban planner with ten years of ,experience, in education, nonprofit building, and the arts, she brings a strategic solutions-,oriented, lens to improving ...,This series tells the ,stories, of people at the center of a growing movement that's reshaping the way companies invest in the well-being and advancement of their ...,Missing:, ,ATLARGE -, ‎| Must include: ,ATLARGE -,Entrepreneurs are believed to have an ,exceptional, ability to see and seize ... ensuring a better future for the targeted ,group, and even society ,at large,.,focused, on create recommendations for D2i to become more inclusive and create more equity for. BIPOC practitioners. The task force has ,delivered, these ...,29 pages,and ,providing, educational and employment opportunities for at-risk youth. ... ,Focus group, with 9 participant youth from the 2016 cycle, pre, mid-way, ...,The in-person workshop is a five-day ,experience, for a ,group, of 50 higher ed teachers and ... and the second week ,focused, on “Educators as experimenters.”.,lives of Zimbabweans and Africans ,at large,; and was drawn to the Oxford Saïd ... because of its ,emphasis, on nurturing intellectual vitality and ,providing, ...

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