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Kong is the cloud connectivity company for ,API, & Microservice management. Our platform unifies ,API, gateway, Ingress, and Service Mesh in one developer ...,Local ,APIs, offer OS or middleware services to application ,programs,. ,Microsoft's, .NET ,APIs,, the TAPI (Telephony ,API,) for voice applications, and database access ...,Empower developers to discover and consume ,APIs, / ,microservices, via the Developer Portal · Rapidly expose any application or data as an ,API, · Optimize ,APIs, to ...,May 22, 2019 — ,The term ',microservices,' refer to services used from frontend to backend, usually using an ,API, and/or message-broker ,software, to communicate ...,Sep 3, 2020 — ,For virtually the entire history of ,software,, the design effort has focused ... ,API, gateway: by intercepting calls to ,microservices,, an ,API, ...,Nov 1, 2021 — ,API, management ,software, helps in ,API, designing, deployment, and maintenance. The prominent features that almost every ,API, management tool ...,Building ,Microservices,. by Sam Newman. Released February 2015. ,Publisher,(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc. ISBN: 9781491950357. Explore a preview version of Building ...,Dec 16, 2020 — ,The ,microservice, can then be delivered through an application programming interface (,API,). An ,API, is a method of communication between a ...,Missing:, ,Publisher, ‎| Must include: ,Publisher

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