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Welcome | New York City Campaign Finance Board

Welcome | New York City Campaign Finance Board,

The NYC ,Campaign Finance Board, (CFB), a nonpartisan, independent agency that enhances the role of ,New York City, residents in elections, seeks an Auditor for its ...,Search Tips: ,To, list all ,contributions for, a particular candidate or independent spender, select a candidate/independent spender name only. ,To, search ,for, a ...,The ,New York City Campaign Finance Board's, (CFB) new online dashboard and registration system is now live for all candidates and political committees!,Contribution, Totals (+ refunds) from individuals ,for, All races (all cand's.) Overall 2021 ,election, cycle filing period ...,Under the ,Campaign Finance, Act (the Act), all candidates running ,for, mayor, public advocate, comptroller, borough president, or ,City Council, must register with ...,The ,Campaign Finance, Handbook ,is, a user manual ,for, candidates running ,for city, office. The Handbook ,is, a plain-language compliance guide, but it ,is, not a ...,New York City's, landmark ,Campaign Finance, Program provides public ,funds, to candidates for city office. ,New, to the CFB Web Series. Learn more about the ,Campaign, ...,2021 Citywide Elections. All candidates running ,for city, office are required ,to, file disclosure statements with the CFB. You must disclose all ,contributions, ...,Through its administration of the ,Campaign Finance, Program, created ,in, 1988, the CFB educates voters about the candidates ,and, enables more citizens ,to, compete ...,The ,Campaign Finance Board, administers NYC's public matching funds program, provides campaign finance disclosure, ,and, engages voters.

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