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UFG Worth It. Campaign against distracted driving | UFG Insurance

UFG Worth it. Life is worth it, driving distracted is not. Take the pledge, book a speaker, view research findings, apply for scholarships | UFG Insurance.

Sep 30, 2020 — ,UFG Insurance, recognizes ,distracted driving, awareness with ... the color of its well-known ,Worth It campaign against distracted driving, ...,UFG Insurance, in Cedar Rapids is lighting its American Building ,on, the ... the color of its ,Worth It campaign against distracted driving, -- to coincide with ...,Apr 3, 2018 — ,UFG Insurance, highlights ,Distracted Driving, Month with newly expanded education ,campaign, to support safe driving.,UFG Insurance, launches interactive ,Worth, It infographic, ... color of its well-known ,Worth It campaign against distracted driving, — to coincide with April ...,UFG Insurance, continues to expand its ,distracted driving, awareness ,campaign,, ,Worth, It, with new content for ,Distracted Driving, Awareness Month.,Aug 17, 2018 — ,“Auto claims have been climbing in the industry,” said Lisa Kirchhoff, ,UFG's, senior writer for its ,distracted driving campaign,.,Here are the top 10 resources for ",Ufg Insurance," based ,on, our research... ... ,UFG Worth, It. ,Campaign against distracted driving, | ,UFG, … (9). ,UFG Insurance, ...,UFG Insurance,. @,UFGInsurance,. Our ,Worth, It ,distracted driving campaign, has been named a finalist in the. @PRDaily. 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility ...,Mar 28, 2019 — ,The data comes from ,UFG Insurance, who recently expanded its ,distracted driving, awareness ,campaign,, including content specifically about and ...,Jul 26, 2021 — ,Honored work includes employee- and agent-based multimedia communications, along with the ,Worth, It public service ,campaign, to end ,distracted, ...

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