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Welcome to GitHub's home for real-time and historical data on system performance.

The latest Tweets from ,GitHub Status, (@,githubstatus,): "Everything operating normally.",Dec 11, 2018 — ,Now ,GitHub, can communicate the ,statuses, of components that matter most to our users, and users can subscribe to them. ,Git, operations, for ...,Is ,Github, down? Check all ,github,.com outages. ,Github,.com Server ,Status, Check. ,github,.,git,-,status, - Show the working tree ,status, ... The first are what you would commit by running ,git, commit ; the second and third are what you could commit by ...,Now my problem is that I wish to perform the ,status, check in the system and then commit and push it to the ,GitHub, repo. Problem: where do I perform such ,status, ...,1 answer, , · , ,Top answer: ,where do I perform such status checks

In the same place you set up status checks: settings/branches (select your branch)

and how do I send the message ...,Here's how the ,GitHub, integration works: you connect repositories to ,Status, Hero with a webhook, and ,Status, Hero will match up commits and pull request ...,Aug 27, 2021 — ,At Doctolib, we have a lot of automation relying on ,statuses,, not on checks. To onboard some of our projects on ,Github, action, we were looking ...,The `,github,-set-,status,` task allows external services to mark ,GitHub, commits with an `error`, `failure`, `pending`, or `success` state, which is then ...,Github, not working for you? IsDown monitors ,Github's, and 1170 services ,status,, problems, and outages. Get a notification when ,Github, is down.,May 23, 2020 — ,I'm a bit surprised, but it looks like ,github, actions aren't defined as a pass/fail for a ,status, check - is there a reason we've chosen not ...

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