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The Go Programming Language

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software.

6:39:58,Go, is an open source ,programming language, designed at Google that makes it easy to build simple ...,Jun 20, 2019 · ,Uploaded by,Mar 5, 2021 — ,Go, is a procedural ,programming language,. It was developed in 2007 by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google but launched in ...,Aug 27, 2015 — ,The Go Programming Language, is the definitive book on Go for the working programmer. It assumes no prior knowledge of Go, nor any other specific ..., ,Rating: 4.4, · ‎,1,325 votes,Oct 7, 2021 — ,Go,, also known as ,Golang,, is an open-source, compiled, and statically typed ,programming language, designed by Google.,Go, (also called ,Golang, or ,Go language,) is an open source ,programming language, used for general purpose. ,Go, was developed by Google engineers to create ...,This book is a short, concise introduction to computer ,programming, using the ,language Go,. Designed by Google, ,Go, is a general purpose ,programming language, with ...,Go, is an open source ,programming language, designed for building simple, fast, and reliable software. Please read the official documentation to learn a bit ...,This course is the ultimate comprehensive resource for learning ,the Go Programming Language,. This course is perfect for both beginners and experienced ...,Brian Kernighan is well known as the coauthor of The C ,Programming Language,, and that book itself has severed as a standard text for generations of ...,Oct 26, 2015 — ,The Go Programming Language, is the authoritative resource for any programmer who wants to learn Go. It shows how to write clear and ...,Publisher: ,Pearson Education,Series: ,Addison-Wesley Professional Computi...,$39.99, · ‎,In stock

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