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Oct 19, 2015 — ,Instead, it chose ,Atavist,, a small ,publishing, platform billed by media prognosticators as “the future of storytelling.”.,Jun 14, 2021 — ,You moved from the ,Atavist publishing, platform, which you had used for a decade, to Newspack, which is built on,Jun 21, 2018 — ,Automattic, the owner of the popular ,publishing, platform, has acquired the technology and ,publishing, company ,Atavist, in a bid ...,Jan 19, 2011 — ,The ,Atavist, is not just a platform for e-reading, it's a new kind of ,publishing, company that combines elements of journalism and book ...,Jun 22, 2018 — ,With an ,Atavist, website, you can easily write and ,publish, stories with a ton of media. You might think that this isn't particularly ...,Jun 18, 2014 — ,Now, with the launch of ,Atavist, Books, the company's first foray into the world of book ,publishing,, the ,Atavist, is bound to win even more ...,Jul 1, 2018 — ,... responsible for developing and maintaining WordPress and they have just acquired the technology and digital ,publishing, company ,Atavist,.,5:37,The ,Atavist, Magazine is known for its award-winning, in-depth journalism and creative, elegant design ...,Jun 11, 2021 · ,Uploaded by Automattic,May 20, 2012 — ,The ,Atavist's, brain trust may have meager credentials as entrepreneurs, but they have deep bona fides in ,publishing,: Mr. Ratliff, the chief ...,Automattic, Parent Company of, Acquires ,Atavist Publishing, Platform and Award-Winning Magazine. PR Newswire 21 Jun 2018 ...

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