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VerbalizeIt subtitle translation - Smartling

Smartling acquired VerbalizeIt to professionally translates video subtitles into 150 languages.

Video ,subtitles, seamlessly ,translated, by professionals. ,Subtitles, Icon. ,Smartling, Acquired ,VerbalizeIt, in 2016 to expand our video, audio and multimedia ...,Aug 17, 2016 - ,Smartling, acquired ,VerbalizeIt, to professionally translates video ,subtitles, into 150 languages.,Jul 1, 2021 — ,VerbalizeIt subtitle translation, - ,Smartling,. https://www.,smartling,.com/,verbalizeit,/. ,Smartling, acquired ,VerbalizeIt, to professionally ...,VerbalizeIt, / ,Smartling, — ,12. ,VerbalizeIt, / ,Smartling,. ,Smartling, acquired Verbalizet and is providing professionally ,translated, video ,subtitles, into ...,VerbalizeIt, was acquired by ,translation, company ,Smartling, in 2016. ... to global audiences so things like ,subtitles,, ,captions,, ,translations, etc. have become ...,Apr 20, 2014 — ,VerbalizeIt's translation, platform routes your uploaded content to a curated community for ,translation,, review and return within 24-48 hours ...,Now acquired by ,Smartling,, ,VerbalizeIt, is a ,translation, company that offers ... for global audiences with localized ,captions, and ,subtitles translation,!,Smartling, has acquired ,VerbalizeIt, to augment its enterprise ,translation, management ... With localized ,captions, and ,subtitles, between ,Smartling translation, ...

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