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Nov 25, 2020 — ,Finding the right ma ,manufacturing, facility to ,produce, your ... Menendez and her business partner launched ,Maker's Row, in 2012 after ...,The Home for American ,Manufacturing, | ,Maker's Row, is an online marketplace that ... American ,Manufacturing,, Domestic ,Production,, and Factory ,Sourcing, ...,Missing:, ,Education -, ‎| Must include: ,Education -,In addition, it offers ,Maker's Row, Academy, providing email ,courses, in ,production,, ,sourcing,, making a first sample and quality control. Show more.,Missing:, ,Software,, ‎| Must include: ,Software,,May 6, 2016 — ,Maker's Row, helps DIY artists realize their visions in U.S. factories. ... ,Row, Academy, providing email ,courses, in ,production,, ,sourcing,, ...,Feb 20, 2013 — ,Barriers to international ,manufacturing, and high fuel costs have long made overseas ,production, painful for small businesses.,Tanya Menendez, '09 gets fed up, founds ,Maker's Row, and changes US ,manufacturing, in the process. By Anthony King. Menendez Factory UC San Diego alumna Tanya ...,Oct 31, 2019 — ,Find ,Manufacturing, Company for New Product Design ... There are only four types of industries on ,Maker's Row,: Apparel & Accessories, ...,Makers Row,: American Factory ,Sourcing, Made Easy. View founders and team members on AngelList.,Jul 7, 2021 — ,Maker's Row, is an online marketplace that inspires American businesses to ... AA or BS in ,production,, business management, design, ,sourcing,, ...,Oct 11, 2021 — ,About ,Maker's Row,. Developer of an online ,manufacturing, process platform intended to connect American manufacturers with small, medium-sized ...

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