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Paddle8: Art and Design Auctions | The 21st-Century Auction House Modern Tech,. Visit. Save. From. ,Paddle8 Holdings LLC, ...,Mar 25, 2020 — ,Early last week the online auctioneer ,Paddle 8, filed for Chapter 11 ... in New York state (Supreme) court by the New American Cinema ,Group,.,Mar 22, 2020 — ,Around a week ago, the nonprofit New American Cinema ,Group, (NACG) filed a lawsuit against ,Paddle8, on a charity sale which the auction house ...,is a marketplace for collectors, presenting auctions of extraordinary art and objects. Modern Tech. Visit. Save. From. ,Paddle8 Holdings LLC, ...,Paddle 8,, Inc. operates as an online auction house for selling artworks. Its online auctions showcase number of arts, collectibles, and luxury goods.,Mar 18, 2020 — ,The lawsuit was filed by a New York-based, artist-run non-profit called New American Cinema ,Group,, which now claims that ,Paddle8, is ...,Wolters Kluwer Editorial Staff, · ,2020,In house

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