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An online audition manager with nearly 2500 opera auditions and vocal competitions published each year.

Cafritz Young Artists of Washington National ,Opera, ... Record a new video ,audition, and submit the video to each company via ,YAP Tracker, by Friday, ...,Palm Beach ,Opera, Benenson Young Artist and Apprentice Artist ,Auditions, ... will be uploaded to your ,YAP Tracker, application on Wednesday, October 20.,Applicants chosen for finalist ,auditions, in New York will be notified via ,YAP Tracker,. ,Vocal, Finalist ,Audition, Requirements:.,Photo by ,YAP Tracker, on October 29, 2021. May be an image of 1 ... America's premier performing arts festival is ,auditioning vocal, fellows.,New York, New York, United States, · ,Co-Founder and Director, · ,YAP Tracker,YAP Tracker, is the ultimate resource for young artists and emerging professionals in ,opera,. It is an online ,audition, manager that keeps singers up-to-date ...,Candidates for the Resident Artist Program may submit a recorded ,audition, in place of a live ,audition,. Audio and video recordings are accepted via ,YAP Tracker, ...,Announcement of the Annual ,Audition, Process for Merola ,Opera, Program and the San ... All applications and materials must be uploaded via ,Yaptracker,.,YAP Tracker, (,Auditions, and ,tracking, program for Young Artist Programs) ... Classical ,Singer, (,Auditions,, articles, etc. about ,opera, and classical ,singing,)

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