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Modern Commercial Real Estate Technology Solutions

Transform your commercial real estate and lease management process with VTS. Landlords and CRE brokers can manage assets and leasing with one CRM.

Sep 2, 2021 — ,The ,commercial real estate, (CRE) ,tech, market map spans emerging new and ... ,commercial real estate property, management software ,solutions,.,Sep 17, 2021 — ,Modern commercial real estate technology, can help ,property, managers cut costs, avoid catastrophes, improve efficiencies, ...,Jan 15, 2020 — ,But, for one reason or another, you're continuing to waffle over the idea that your team really needs a ,modern solution,. Maybe you've operated ...,Jan 28, 2021 — ,Proptech, at its simplest, means ,property technology,. ... ,Modern, access ,solutions, are using methods like face recognition and mobile ...,As the industry continues to become more digitized, ,commercial property, data will follow suit and reflect more ,modern,, ,tech,-savvy office experiences.,As the ,Commercial, & Corporate ,Real Estate Technology, sector continues to grow and mature, it is becoming more and more difficult for the industry to keep track ...,Feb 9, 2021 — ,Founding Equiem in 2011 as a ,property technology solution, in ... and intelligently operate a ,modern commercial real estate, portfolio.,Young people work in ,modern, office. Adapting to the new normal. The Covid-19 pandemic is challenging the ,real estate, industry to innovate and adapt to the " ...,Commercial, practitioners need access to listing ,services,, ,property, data, marketing ,services,, and other ,commercial real estate,-related data and ,technology, ...,Property, owners, site developers, and building managers: Increase the value of your owned and leased retail assets by offering ,modern technology solutions, ...

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